the team.

As a company, we strive to create a great work environment that promotes continuous improvement and strives to change the world through its work. Our goal is to create a safe space where our employees can flourish, learn, grow, and honour their uniqueness.

Staff Photo Daniel Woodhouse

Daniel Woodhouse

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Daniel is responsible for defining Butterfly’s technology standards and strategy along with overseeing the delivery team.An experienced problem solver, Daniel aims to utilize data to clarify assumptions and uncover the best solution to any problem, whether it’s solving a complex integration challenge or working with a team to determine which solution will deliver the best results. His business and IT systems expertise allows him to identify business and staff accountability opportunities that are beneficial for both internal and external stakeholders. With his in-depth understanding of technology trends and vast business knowledge, he is able to align technology-related decisions with a company’s vision and goals. Daniel is an integral part of our alignment to Transformation as a company. He contributes significantly to the development and enhancement of Butterfly’s products and services to ensure they are highly innovative as well as competitive. As a leader and coach he encourages his team to continually grow and his knowledge to develop solutions based on facts.