the team.

As a company, we strive to create a great work environment that promotes continuous improvement and strives to change the world through its work. Our goal is to create a safe space where our employees can flourish, learn, grow, and honour their uniqueness.

Da Ming Cook-Lee

Digital Producer / Business Analyst

Da Ming brings a wealth of experience that ranges from software support and database programming to digital production, and business analysis. He began his career at the dawn of the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley in 2000. At that time, he was fascinated by the emerging tech pioneers in the area because of their innovation, passion, and ability to adapt and connect technology to create something new. Da Ming’s role at Butterfly is multi-faceted. As a Business Analyst, Da Ming works closely with users to identify how data-driven changes to processes, products, services, software and hardware can increase efficiency and value. It is not only a challenge to articulate these ideas but also to balance them with what is technically, financially, and functionally feasible. Achieving this is an art form, something Da Ming excels at.