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Staff Profile Carol Galila

Carol Galila

Software Engineering Lead

Carol’s role as Leader of Software Engineering is to support and mentor our engineering and quality assurance teams. Along with standards, code frameworks, and R&D, she is also responsible for delivery operations across our company. Carol has a well-honed ability to analyse a client’s business goals and challenges, and then translate them into innovative and practical technical solutions. Her typical day involves working on multiple projects, helping to resolve blocks, and ensuring we always deliver the best solution for our clients. She has led the development of a number of award-winning websites such as National Disability Services, Australia and Mission Australia. Carol is an accomplished full stack engineer in her own right and uses this knowledge to support her team to support client projects with complex integrations and platforms using multiple technologies, combining them seamlessly to provide the most user-friendly solution. She enjoys the variety of technologies we use at Butterfly because we use what will work best for our clients, even if that means upskilling some of our developers.