Hosting and support: Empowering Your Website's Performance and Security

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Local hosting and support is vital for Australian organisations for several reasons. Firstly, having a local web hosting provider ensures that the website is hosted on servers located in Australia, which can provide faster loading times for users accessing the website from within the country. This can help to improve the overall user experience and reduce the risk of website downtime or slow page load times.

In addition, having a local support team means that Australian organisations can receive timely and efficient support when they need it. Local support teams are more likely to be available during Australian business hours, making it easier for organisations to receive assistance and resolve any issues quickly.

Furthermore, local hosting and support can help Australian organisations comply with local regulations and data sovereignty laws. Hosting data within Australia can ensure that sensitive data is stored within the country’s borders and subject to Australian data privacy laws. This can help organisations to avoid potential legal and regulatory issues related to data privacy and security.

Support at Butterfly

Butterfly’s Customer Solutions team are the experts in this area and can provide a full range of support services, ensuring users and organisations benefit from updates and system maintenance to reduce the risk of any threat to business continuity.

Butterfly has the expertise and systems to ensure that your assets are well looked after, and your internal team is supported:

  • For small, medium and large changes
  • Oncall resources for emergency issues
  • Level 2 technical support for your internal staff
  • Secure, scalable, robust hosting

So whether it’s hosting queries, system architecture needs, technical audit requirements, or just something that’s bothering you, we’re always here to find the best solution for your technical needs

modern illustration of website support person, wearing head set, using a computer

our team on your team.


Butterfly’s Customer Solutions team are the experts in this area and can provide a full range of support services, ensuring users and organisations benefit from updates and system maintenance to reduce the risk of any threat to business continuity.

Through this team, you have quick access to:

  • Assistance with the planning of both long and short-term strategy
  • Access to a quick and easy ticketing system for any support requests
  • Account administration and management
  • Briefs and estimates (including solution architecture)
  • Access to advice and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • A point of escalation for Support tickets


We provide ongoing hosting of applications and websites.

Full-service scalable hosting solutions

Butterfly provides full-service hosting; managing domain names, web hosting, DNS records, and email. This service offers peace of mind, knowing that if a problem arises, you need only contact one company for assistance.

Secure data centre and Uptime Guarantee

This service is provided across multiple, geographically distributed data centres used for provisioning scalable hosting. This multi-zoned approach ensures availability and provides redundancy, ultimately mitigating any risk of loss of service in the event that a data centre becomes unavailable for any reason. Butterfly confidently provides a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for all of our hosted clients.

Managed Environments

As AWS specialists, we can configure your hosting infrastructure to take advantage of secure and modern tools. Butterfly will provide you with a suite of managed environments that all have a unique purpose and are designed to work together to ensure efficiency and accuracy. These can be tailored to meet your individual hosting goals.

Wordpress Hosting

Butterfly offers specialised WordPress hosting services that are tailored to the needs of businesses and organisations. We understand that a well-performing website is critical for any organisation, which is why we have designed our hosting services to provide fast, reliable, and secure WordPress hosting. Our team of experts are well-versed in WordPress hosting and can help clients with any technical issues or concerns that they may have. With our specialised hosting services, clients can rest assured that their website is in good hands, giving them more time to focus on their business goals.

DevOps (Infrastructure, Monitoring, and Automatically Scaling Environments)

Using DevOps approaches to automate operational tasks, updates are deployed more frequently than in the traditional release cycle. Depending on the project, it includes infrastructure, monitoring, and automatically scaling environments for staging and production. By setting up a project so that all changes are automatically checked and automatically deployed, we practise continuous integration and continuous deployment (together known as CICD).

Security monitoring

Butterfly provides a quarterly vulnerability report which details available updates for either your website and / or platform (CMS, PHP, extensions), as well as an estimate to implement the updates and patches, and a rating of how critical each recommendation is to the maintenance and security of your assets.

This ensures:

  • Your assets are kept up to date
  • Your website will operate at its fullest potential
  • Keeping a website’s security up to date is imperative
  • Risks of not doing so could instances such as:
    • Leaked customer data
    • Credit Card information theft
    • Potential identity theft
    • Impact on the consumers trust

Future planning

We see ourselves as an extension of your business. We regularly consult and work with clients to identify and deliver enhancements to digital products. To get the best fit solution we utilise the skills and experience of our whole team across strategy, design and software engineering.

Why Choose Butterfly

Australian-Based Support

Butterfly is a proudly Australian-based company, and we take immense pride in offering our valued clients highly personalised, local support directly from our home soil. With our entire team situated in Australia, we make it a point to be consistently available to answer any questions you may have, provide expert support, and assist you promptly with any issues or challenges you might encounter while using our services.

Australian-Based Hosting

We provide Australian-based hosting solutions exclusively for our clients, signifying that your website will be hosted on high-performance servers physically located within the boundaries of Australia. This strategic local hosting not only ensures that your website loads at lightning-fast speeds for visitors within Australia but also positively impacts your website's search engine rankings, particularly catering to the specific nuances of the Australian market.

AWS Expertise

Our team has extensive experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a leading cloud hosting platform. We can help you set up and manage your website on AWS, ensuring that your website is fast, reliable, and secure. We use the latest AWS technologies and follow best practices to ensure that your website is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

Frequently asked questions on website hosting and support

Website hosting is a service that enables organisations to make their website accessible on the internet. A website host is a company that provides the necessary technology and infrastructure to store and serve website content to visitors.

Website support is a service that provides ongoing technical assistance for website owners. This can include troubleshooting website issues, updating website content, and implementing website security measures.

Local website hosting and support provides several benefits for Australian organisations, including faster website loading times, improved website security, and access to local technical support. It also ensures that organisations comply with Australian data privacy laws.

There are several types of website hosting, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Each type of hosting offers different levels of performance, scalability, and security.

When choosing a website host, factors to consider include server reliability, server speed, security measures, backup options, customer support, and pricing.

Website support can include services such as website backups, software updates, security monitoring, uptime monitoring, and technical support.

The cost of website hosting and support varies depending on the type of hosting, the level of support required, and the hosting provider. Prices can range from $10 a month for offshore shared hosting to thousands of dollars per month for dedicated hosting and comprehensive support services.

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