Butterfly Steps Up to be Mission Australia's Reliable Digital Partner

Mission Australia was looking for a digital partner to help elevate their brand presence and drive donations, education, and information. Butterfly redesigned Mission Australia’s previous text-heavy website to give it a bold and accessible new look.

project highlights

  • 5 year working relationship and counting
  • Create regular creative campaign pages
  • Trusted creative direction

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This isn’t so much a case study as a relationship study. As our relationship with Mission Australia has grown over the years – we’ve gone from doing the odd one-off project to being their long-term partner.

With their vision of an Australia where everyone has a safe home and where they can thrive, Mission Australia has important work to do supporting vulnerable people through early intervention and prevention. Our job is therefore to ensure that their digital assets are adequately maintained and supported so that they can focus on serving people and communities instead of worrying about their online presence.


As with many relationships, things started small. Mission Australia hired us primarily for our design skills, rather than for our development expertise.

Our first task was to give their existing text-heavy Joomla website an accessible new look. To achieve this, we worked with their branding, using the bold colours and layout to highlight the most important, critical information.

Satisfied with our creative direction, they requested our technical expertise to address issues and bugs in the existing website build. It was at this point that Mission Australia began to use our support services. Butterfly initially provided Mission Australia with Level 2 technical support, but over time, Butterfly took over the full support of all the Mission Australia sites.

Since then Mission Australia have used an array of services to ensure that crucial projects, such as campaign work, are updated seasonally and aligned with specific campaigns requirements.

Butterfly are the force behind Mission Australia’s digital presence, providing system updates, hosting and support through our Customer Solutions team. We are the experts Mission Australia rely on to ensure their digital assets are well taken care of and their internal stakeholders are well supported.

Mission Australia and Butterfly have built a relationship based on trust and knowledge, especially when it comes to design, UX, and development. Furthermore, we are aware when something falls outside our expertise area and as such will sometimes seek out third parties in order to ensure everything is just right.


  1. Relationship based on mutual trust and respect
  2. Multiple projects per year to drive donation campaigns
  3. A well-supported main website that attracts new supporters and donors and a number of campaign and initiative-focused websites