the team.

As a company, we strive to create a great work environment that promotes continuous improvement and strives to change the world through its work. Our goal is to create a safe space where our employees can flourish, learn, grow, and honour their uniqueness.

Pat Woodley-Davis

UX Designer / Inclusive design analyst

Pat is our UX designer and inclusive design analyst. One of Pat’s main talents is that he ensures his solutions are meticulously thought-out, studied and researched. Pat is a confident communicator so is most comfortable when facilitating workshops, skill shares and presentations. When he’s not wowing people with his expertise, you can find him drilling into user flows, journey maps and information architecture to ensure the user meets their destination. Pat’s strength, ability and character shows up across all aspects of design. Honing his expertise designing for non-profit, government and tech startups across a number of industries, Pat also believes in shaping the leaders of tomorrow and is a mentor within the design community. Pat believes that design is empathic in its nature and as a designer puts these skills to work by being able to view things from the user’s perspective. He enjoys being able to understand what they are trying to do and how to make things easier for them. Pat is strategic in his approach in order to provide tangible, achievable and successful solutions. Pat is a natural leader and creativity seems to have no limit. Prior to his time in design, Pat ran a successful music event business, with a focus on touring, operations, strategy and marketing. A person full of inspiration, just who you need to reinvent your own client’s user experience.