Website optimisation: how to improve traffic and conversions

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Website optimisation involves fine-tuning various aspects of your online platform to enhance its performance, user experience and visibility on search engines. By optimising your website, you can improve its loading speed, usability, and overall design, ensuring that it resonates with your target audience and compels them to take action. In this article, we will delve […]

Beginner’s guide to website maintenance

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What is Website Maintenance? Website maintenance refers to the process of regularly checking and updating a website to ensure that it is functioning properly and providing a positive user experience. Monitoring website speed, updating content, restoring broken links, backing up data, implementing security patches, and making sure the website is compatible with the most recent […]

Maximising website performance for better user experience (UX)

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What is Website Performance? Website performance is a term that refers to the effectiveness, speed, and overall usefulness of a website. It includes several factors, such as how quickly a site loads, how easily it reacts to user inputs, and how stable it is under diverse traffic loads. In order to deliver a good user experience, […]

Benefits of outsourcing web development

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What is Web Development Outsourcing? Web development outsourcing refers to delegating certain aspects of website development to external professionals or firms, including design, coding, and maintenance. This approach encompasses various outsourcing options, including collaborating with freelance developers, partnering with web development agencies, or engaging offshore companies specialising in web development services. Why Companies Outsource Type […]

Choosing the best CMS platform for your website

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What is CMS? CMS or content management system is a tool that allows users to manage their website’s content without having to code or learn how to use HTML. Most CMSs allow users to create pages, upload images and other file types, manage navigation menus, and perform other tasks related to managing their website’s content. […]

Cost of website hosting in Australia [2023]

Cost of Website Hosting in Australia [2023]

Factors Affecting the Cost of Website Hosting Before choosing your domain name, select the best hosting sites that fit your needs and allocated budget. The cost of website hosting is usually affected by different factors, including: Type of Hosting The hosting type you choose can affect the cost. Shared hosting, where multiple websites share a […]