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Unlock the full potential of your online presence with our bespoke WordPress solutions, expertly tailored to bring your unique ideas to life and engage your audience like never before.

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Expert WordPress Website Development

With 18 years of experience in website development, our agency excels in crafting WordPress sites that blend stunning design with seamless functionality. Our expertise in User Experience and Human-Centred Design, alongside a steadfast commitment to WCAG standards, ensures your website is accessible, engaging, and reflective of your brand’s essence. Choose a partner proven to elevate your online presence.

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Over 40% of the Web is on WordPress

WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the Internet, showcasing its dominance and flexibility in catering to a diverse range of digital needs.

How we can help

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Custom Theme Design and Development

Butterfly creates custom WordPress themes to match your brand, ensuring a standout, engaging user experience on your site.

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Plugin Integration & Customisation

We expertly integrate and customise WordPress plugins to boost your site’s functionality, ensuring it meets your specific needs with tailored solutions.

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Performance Optimisation & Accessibility Compliance

Butterfly focuses on optimising website speed and ensuring accessibility, making your WordPress site fast, inclusive, and compliant with WCAG standards.

Industries we help with WordPress

Butterfly specialises in delivering WordPress solutions to a wide range of sectors including government agencies, medical and research institutes, not-for-profits, higher education institutions, and for-purpose organisations, empowering each with the tools to engage, inform, and make a lasting impact.

  • Government Agencies
  • Medical and Research Institutes
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Higer Education
  • For Purpose Organisations
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Why choose Butterfly for your digital accessibility project?

Winning 64 industry awards over 15 years speaks volumes about our standards, performance, and achievements. We’re honoured to be invited to be a member of the Board of the Australian Web Industry Association. Our team is highly experience at working to ensure websites meet the WCAG guidelines.

  • we’re experts at accessibility and WCAG compliance
  • our Australian team is locally based for high-quality, real-time support
  • we have extensive experience working with all government sectors

Review your website for accessibility compliance

Why not have Butterfly review your current website? Our team will provide you with a bundled assessment, including a WCAG 2.1 (Level AA) report, heuristic (usability) analysis, and performance report. We quickly provide a holistic review of your website to help you on your way towards peace of mind.