Medical website design cost in 2023: a guide for healthcare providers

Patients are turning to the Internet for information about their health conditions and treatments. In fact, according to one study, nearly 75% of patients look up their symptoms online before visiting a doctor or health clinic. It means that medical website design has become a crucial element of online healthcare. If you’re a healthcare provider wanting to expand your service online, this article is for you. It will answer questions on why a healthcare website is essential and how much a medical website design costs in Australia.
Medical Website Design Cost in 2023 Guide for Healthcare Providers

Why Healthcare Website Design Matters

Designing healthcare websites is crucial for improving user experience and creating a positive impression of the healthcare organisation. A well-designed website helps patients easily find the necessary information and access essential features like appointment scheduling, patient portals and other promotions. An attractive and user-friendly design can enhance engagement and strengthen patient-provider relationships. A thoughtfully designed healthcare website also has the potential to improve accessibility and provide valuable content to empower individuals in making informed healthcare decisions.

Understanding Medical Website Development Costs in Australia

Developing a medical website requires a practical investment plan and some website development considerations. Suppose you are thinking of establishing a medical website. In that case, knowing the costs associated with website development is essential and investing wisely to reap a maximum return on investment. Understanding medical website development early on can help you save money, time and effort.

Key Factors Affecting Medical Website Costs

Understanding what drives the cost of medical website development is crucial for healthcare providers who want to ensure they get the most value for their investment. The cost of development vary on factors such as:

Features and Functionality

Custom design may be required for unique or sophisticated medical-related functions and to ensure a seamless user experience through user-centred web design. Unique coding, integration with external systems, and the creation of special modules can all incur additional costs.

Content Creation

Medical websites require high-quality and well-researched clinical content, such as blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics to rank higher on search engines. Creating high-quality content requires expertise and research, which comes at a cost. If the healthcare provider has an in-house content creation team, the price will be lower than outsourcing the work to a content marketing agency or freelancer.


Custom Development

Development costs depend on the number of features an app has. More features equal higher app costs. Therefore, it’s crucial to decide which app features are necessary and which ones are not when planning an app.


Responsive Design and Mobile Optimisation

Developing a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and provides an optimal user experience may require additional effort and cost for development. 

Exploring Different Website Design Cost Structures

Hourly Rates

Under this pricing model, web designers charge an hourly cost for their services. The overall cost is determined by the number of hours worked on the project. The expertise and experience of the designer or development team can influence the hourly rates.

Fixed Project-Based Pricing

Fixed project cost includes a one-time fee for creating the complete website. For larger, more sophisticated projects, this cost structure works well. Typically, the designer will submit a full project proposal, including all essential features and design scope. The designer will be paid in full after the website is completed.


Retainer-Based Pricing

A retainer-based pricing plan allows you to employ a designer monthly or yearly. This setup is good for e-commerce sites that need design changes often. You can make product updates without paying too much. Retainer-based packages offer a cheaper hourly rate or set number of hours at a discount.


Packages and Bundled Services

Some designers offer packages and bundled services for website design. You would choose from a list of options, which typically include striking features such as SEO in website design, custom letterhead design, custom business card design, newsletter template design, landing page design service, branding, content for SEO, and other graphic design. These packages are often more affordable than other cost structures.

Choosing the Right Web Development Agency for Your Medical Website

When selecting a web development agency for your website, several factors should be considered to get a top-notch quality healthcare web design.

Evaluating Experience and Expertise

Make sure the agency knows how to make healthcare websites and understands specific industry needs. Check their knowledge and proficiency before hiring.


Reviewing Past Projects

Look at the agency’s portfolio to judge the quality of their past medical website projects. Determine their ability to create designs that are visually pleasing and user-friendly.


Client Testimonials /Reviews

Check client testimonials and reviews to assess an agency’s reputation and professionalism. They can also help you gauge client satisfaction.


Customer Support & Communication

Make sure the agency has good customer support and communicates well during web development.


Requesting a Web Design Quote

Get a web design quote that includes costs, timelines, and deliverables. It should also list any extra services offered by the agency. This will help you determine if they’re cost-effective and provide good value. 

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Medical Website Cost FAQs

For a more straightforward design, you may want to include the following features on your healthcare project:

  • clear and intuitive navigation
  • appointment scheduling
  • patient portals
  • online bill payment
  • health information and resources
  • provider directory and profiles
  • telemedicine/online consultation
  • mobile optimisation
  • multilingual support
  • Accessibility

Yes, there are ongoing costs associated with maintaining a medical website. These costs range from hosting and maintenance fees to basic content uploads and future marketing promotions.

To save money on medical website design, follow some key steps.

  • Be clear about what you need and prioritise the important things.
  • Choose the right platform or content management system for your site.
  • Use pre-designed templates and themes.
  • Consider working with small agencies to save money while getting great results.
  • Create your content if you can, but ensure it meets professional standards.
  • Plan for the future by investing in maintenance and updates.

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